That other thing I'm doing: Remote Renegades


A friend recently responded to a text: "You need to be creating!"

It's true—as someone who buys something and says, "I wish they had added this feature," criticizes stitching (even though I'm not a talented seamstress), and giggles in delight at the punniest of notebook covers, I love creativity and being creative.

Remote Renegades, my blog and ecommerce store aimed at creative, useful, and as environmentally-friendly-as-possible gear for people who work from home (or anywhere), is what I'm working on when I'm not working on copy.

It's the thing I do that scares me the most because it's much more complicated than running a copywriting business. And it's so hard getting heard above the noise of all the shady, wasteful, and thoughtless online companies out there. Every time I see one of those, I pull out my copy of Yvon Chouinard's Let My People Go Surfing to remind myself that I can do this exactly how I want to, without compromising integrity or feeling gross.

It's a start. And while it may seem crazy to run two one-person businesses, I wouldn't have it any other way. It also gives me the experience to relate to clients who run their own stores. As Richard Branson says, "screw it, let's do it."