You might be the only one who cares about the technical specs


It's 3PM on a Saturday and I'm watching a Netflix doc about winemaking (and maybe drinking wine). The story is captivating—not the part about the grapes, but the part about where they come from, who grows them, and why they care so much about filling my glass with fermented fruit.

I'm nerdy—I read the technical specs...but ONLY once I've read the magazine article about the company or the athlete, then visited the product page, read the product description, and scanned through all the photos. Mostly I want to know why an item matters, not that it has double-taped seams.

You created something for a reason. Maybe you designed a backpack cooler so that you could enjoy a cold brew on the beach after an epic surf session. Maybe you dreamed up a sawdust-free granola bar recipe because you couldn't stand the sandy mouthfeel of a dry bar while hiking in desert heat. Maybe you wanted to make flip flops out of all the garbage in your favourite diving spot.

These stories shouldn't feel contrived or fake.

These stories should inspire and hit people in the feels. The right people. The people who want to share your story (and then post their own version on Instagram).

So hold the technical specs aside. Make them easy to find for people who want to find them. And tell your story.