Why does everything have to be so complicated?


Meaningless "consulting-speak" doesn't make you look smarter, it makes you confusing.

If you have to read something three or four times to understand its meaning, it's too complicated.

People don't read deeply very often. It's hard, especially on a screen, and people are busy.

I'm picking on "consulting-speak" specifically because, in my experience, consultants (and I'm generalizing here) love to do this: make five-word sentences into paragraphs of convoluted nouns and adjectives and gerunds (that should be verbs), written in past tense. There's a hilarious consulting speak generator you can play with. 

If someone tries to convince you the terms "value-added" or "solutioning" or "digital customer" should be in your copy anywhere, you've been warned. This is robot lingo. Your customers are people.

If you're trying to make something complicated palatable for the average human brain, boil it down into its most basic form. What are you trying to say in five words? What do your customers say about the product? How do they describe it?

Relate, relate, relate. Because people don't want to be talked down to by someone smarter than them; they want to seen and heard by someone who understands them.