I like dirt.

And snow. And water. And writing about all of these things as they relate to being human in the outdoors.

Copywriting has changed. People are ad-savvy, thanks to the thousands of messages they see every day on the internet. That’s why it’s important to be real, tell (diverse!) stories, and get ‘em right in the feels. That’s what I can help you do better.

I stepped onto this emotional rollercoaster called writing over a decade ago when I started freelancing for the local newspaper at Sun Peaks Resort (which I consider my hometown). I actually grew up near Wells Gray Provincial Park—go there if you like waterfalls. I learned how to snowboard on a volunteer-run t-bar hill (the t-bar lifted me off the ground and dragged me up the hill on many occasions). Since the Sun Peaks days, I’ve freelanced for other newspapers, blogs, and magazines, and written copy and led digital strategies for businesses and non-profits from all over the world (thanks internet!).

But, what can I do for you?

Here are some ideas:

  • Write product descriptions that make people smile (and want to click buy now).

  • Contribute compelling copy to your catalogue, brochure, or magazine.

  • Help you with your email marketing strategy and write all your emails!

  • Tell stories on social media (here’s how I tell mine on Instagram). I’ll even cover your live events.

  • Write video scripts and ads.

  • Work on your content marketing strategy and all the little bits and pieces that are part of it.

Are you into this? Send me an email: rikki@beradmedia.com

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